Casa Escondida

Los Cabos


Los Cabos and Baja California Sur

The enchantment of Los Cabos is immediate and unmistakable, strewed through the untroubled air that sweeps over an unlikely union of desert and ocean. Located at the southern tip of Baja California, the landscape of this peninsular edge is defined by a fleeting shoreline that shifts between soft, curving dunes and coarse banks of desert rock continuously carved by the ocean. Endless strings of brilliant emerald coves follow the coast from Cabo San Lucas to the northernmost end of the Gulf of California, accented by beach towns along a single road that outlines one of the most pristine habitats of North America.    

A trove of natural phenomena, cuisines, and culture supplies an endless mix of activity and amazement. Coupled with an ideal year-round Mediterranean climate, Los Cabos offers thrilling, unparalleled experiences of myriad kinds, for every age and lifestyle. 


Land of natural wonders

Endless shorelines, whale watching, the Arco of Cabo San Lucas, seaside golf, diving with whale sharks, teeming reefs, crystalline waters and tranquil coves.